Our Commitment During this Difficult Time:


At Nexxis, our employees and customers are of utmost importance. Keeping that in mind, the health of all these individuals is priority number one. We take the COVID-19 situation seriously, with extreme caution and care. 


A dedicated team is closely monitoring this ever-changing situation on a daily basis. As we continue to get updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, our business continuity plans are set in place to ensure continuation of services. We want to keep you and your business connected. Communication during this time is a necessity for people and businesses alike.

Nexxis has a commitment to you, the customer. With that commitment comes 24 x 7 monitoring of your services and around the clock support. This is a difficult time and although the environment may be changing, we are utilizing all of our resources to make this transition as smooth as possible. We are here for all of your questions, comments and concerns. If there is anything we can do on our end to make this easier, we will do it. 

Most importantly we hope that everyone remains safe. Certain processes cannot be completed from home but we are constantly reinforcing safe behavior. We are thankful to all our employees that adhere to these practices and institute them on a daily basis. These principles are put into place not just for our employees, but for you as well. 

From everyone here at Nexxis, we wish you all a safe and successful continuation of your business practices.