Multi-Site Connectivity 

Secure high speed transport that helps your business grow faster and safer.

Nexxis helps your company become more efficient by offering services that enable voice and data transmissions with secure Ethernet-based solutions. We offer nationwide fiber-optic based connectivity solutions that give your company the edge so you can meet ever growing demands.

Nexxis offers secure High-Speed Connectivity with great Customer Service at a lesser cost.


Choose the right transport services for your business: 

E-Line for nailed-down point-to point connection.

E-LAN for any-site to any-site connectivity.

We offer highly resilient services from the major carrier networks for best-in-class reliability. It is a simple, yet very effective, combination that yields great results for:

  • Financial services firms that need high speed, reliable, and secure solutions

  • Medical facilities to support imaging and Electronic Medical Records

  • Educational institutions for events, presentations, and distant learning

  • Gaming, Software, and Services companies that have the need for speed 

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